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C7 Sales Agency logo for C7 Sales Agency offering sales enablement services such as sales skills training, content, technology tools (CRM, Marketing Automation) Sales strategy, sales planning and sales measurement and metrics.

About Us

C7 Sales Agency is a sales consulting and enablement company focused on top-line growth. We work with organizations to improve engagement, communication, and collaboration with prospects and customers.

Today, sales starts with valuable content that establishes authority.
- Jeff Marmins, C7 Sales Agency 
C7 uses agile project management and modern digital business practices to help with all aspects of your sales team's lifecycle.

What Makes Us Special?

C7 Sales Agency is transforming the services marketplace by helping organizations realize the potential of their business from a “customers and people first,” perspective. We embrace digital sales transformation by addressing client projects with an agile, collaborative ethos. We are driven by consistent culture and process improvement for ourselves and our customers.

Jeff Marmins

Growing customer experience through modern digital sales enablement
Jeff Marmins Casual 355
Jeff is an experienced digital sales and marketing strategist, process engineer, trainer and coach with experience in the alternative energy, wireless communications, software, consulting services, insurance, transportation, grocery and non-profit industries. He is know as an early evangelist of integrated social technologies for internal communication and collaboration. He designed a first-to-market service-as-a-product for social media compliance, Social Media Risk Management (SMRM). Recently Jeff served as Interim-CEO for a California solar installer/dealer.  His passion is speaking and teaching to inspire the culture and communication required for a modern digital sales organization.